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Have a look at these best-selling, great products from Hazelden, hand-picked by Renew publication staff for recovery, marriage and personal growth, urge prevention, meditation, memoirs and more. Addictions specialist Doctor. Ruben explodes myths of romantic love and exposes sex for what this really is – a power hungry craving on everyone’s mind. Applying the principles of Zen to the A dozen Step philosophy of recovery, this guide offers inspiration to achieve spiritual fulfillment and peace. The workbook really made me personally re-evaluate my life and helped me through several a down economy already. ‘ — N. D. It details diagnostic, neurochemical and treatment issues of sexual compulsivity. With a special emphasis upon the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the writer walks you through the first five steps of this established methodology in comprehensive detail, showing how to easily apply each someone to treatment.

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Key features and benefits: features interactive workbook format provides clinical and personal perspectives on issues affirms that healthy sexuality is achievable for anyone. With this publication, Wally P. usually takes through the Twelve Steps as they were taken by the early A. A. pioneers. The classic guide by and for those coping with sexual habit examines all the Twelve Steps of recovery. Dr. Hastings deals with women who also are sexual with children. Readers claim the book describes exactly what the seductive slide into hopeless addiction is similar to, and how this compulsion to gamble uniquely affects women.

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He has published The Alcoholism and Medication Abuse Client Workbook, Second Edition 2012 and the Gambling Addiction Client Workbook, Second Edition 2012 by Sage Publications. Based on a substantial study of former solitude sufferers, The Loneliness Workbook helps us learn to identify our assets since well as us blockers, develop relationship skills, practice loneliness-relieving excercises, touch base intended for support, join with others, and create intimacy. Her methods, which were analyzed and have proven successful for hundreds of people, are now open to you in this step-by-step workbook.
Rod Jeppsen takes you upon a healing journey with this new book known as “Turn Yourselves and Live-Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord? inch This is an user-friendly workbook to help users of the church who also are struggling with a compulsive sexual lifestyle or for individuals who happen to be trying to help an individual get out of the behavior. John Townsend draws on 2000 forms and extensive quotations coming from 200 intimate interviews to show how deep-seated wants and emotions guide our actions in dating, sexual relationships, and marriage.
Found in Torn Asunder, Dave Peigner provides an overall recovery procedure from sexual and non-sexual affairs. Intended for all of us whom were sexually assaulted as children, this book helps us understand why. The author provides written an integrated reserve about reasons for food habit, awareness of diet, and recovery and taking restoration to the next level; it’s evident that she actually is knowledgeable about this subject. Burton’s very own struggle with alcoholism right up until age thirty supplied agonizing clarity of how addictive problems negatively affect families.

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